Before You Hire a Consultant… Read This!

My Trust 3 partners and I were recently hired to consult for a brand new nightclub in Dallas, Texas. In speaking with the owners of the club, I learned that they had previously hired a consultant, but that consultant was unable to deliver the items promised. The nightclub owners were coming up on zoning deadlines from the City of Dallas, so they had to make progress—quickly. To put it mildly, they were in a bind!

Had the nightclub owners done their due diligence and checked their original consultant’s references, they likely wouldn’t have hired him and wouldn’t have had to scramble to find another consultant!

The moral of the story is this: there are lots of bad consultants out there that can market themselves well. However, when it comes to doing the work and getting results, they will always struggle. It’s more important to take your time picking the right consultant than to rush in and pick one quickly. Take your time to check references and ask about projects that are similar to yours. A true professional will happily provide them!


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