Kelley’s Approach to Corporate Training

Many large corporations struggle with training their team members because a corporate culture has not been defined or effectively communicated to the field. In fact, take any large-scale company as an example and ask one of its non-managerial employees about the organization’s definition of its corporate culture. Nine times out of ten, you’ll easily stump them!


Kelley helps corporations define their vision, mission, motto and values to create a ribbon of continuity between upper-level management and team members when it comes to the guest experience. Talking to employees—both upper management and team members—about the company culture and fixing the disconnect between those two groups to deliver an exemplary service experience is something in which he specializes and enjoys.


In fact, Kelley just recently implemented these techniques when working with the teams at Radio City Music Hall, Chicago Theatre, LA Forum and Beacon Theatre! For more information about the services Kelley provides, click here.

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