Life is Beautiful 2014

I’ve got to say it—Life is Beautiful in Downtown Las Vegas! Of course, I had to make a trip down to the famed music, culinary and arts festival this year, and I’m sure glad I did!

As a big live music fan, Life is Beautiful was the perfect arena for me to indulge. I arrived for the first show on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, but declined to stay for any of the headliners—I’m more into the up-an-coming acts (sorry, Kanye, OutKast and Foo Fighters!).

Rusty MaplesLocal Las Vegas band Rusty Maples at Life is Beautiful

I didn’t have very high expectations when I strolled up to the stage to see OK Go perform, but they ended up being my favorite act of the weekend. Their energy, musical talent and showmanship were outstanding and I was simply blown away!

11.2 OK GOOK Go performs at Life is Beautiful festival

On the other hand, I thought the lead singer of The Orwells was abrasive and the brooding, pseudo-drunk, angsty rockstar act didn’t translate well at 3 pm on a Sunday afternoon.

I was also very impressed by the selection of culinary options. Sinking my teeth into Brian Massie’s Hearthstone Kitchen & Cellar pork wrap was, quite possibly, the highlight of the festival.

In all, the weekend was a screaming success and I’m already looking forward to Life is Beautiful 2015!

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