Maintenance of Your Restaurant

One of my biggest frustrations involves restaurants that are difficult to maintain.

Once you’ve laid out your grand vision on paper and purchased the wood, glass, metal and drywall to turn it into a reality, it will need maintenance. Design flaws can hinder that maintenance, leading to small problems that can result in a run-down appearance over time. Design considerations need to be made for the long-term appearance of the space.

I’ve seen burned-out lights that haven’t been replaced because the fixture is on a 40-foot wall, or it requires a special bulb that is difficult to get. Always remember that, when you put a light fixture somewhere, at some point, that light bulb will burn out, and you’re going to need to replace it. Cost-prohibitive bulbs or fixtures that nearly require a crane to reach are often a bad idea. Make your restaurant relatively simple to maintain, because you’re going to have a lot of other things to concern yourself with!



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