Zone Management in a Restaurant

Zone Management is a state of mind, an awareness of everything happening in your zone.  Zone Management is not just table touching, but an ability to distinguish the guest and the staff’s needs.  This can only happen by Manager’s constant presence in their Zone.  Only then can there be an intuitive understanding and an ability to perceive what is yet to happen.

 Job Description: As a Zone Manager, you help set the standards by which our restaurant is judged.  Your actions, demeanor and your attitude on the job play a vital role in the restaurant operation. Zone coverage is a key management role.  You have an immediate impact on each guest and your attention to detail will help to ensure 100% Guest Retention. Good communication skills are a must.  Your working relationship is with the fellow management staff, service staff, as well as the guest.  You must be able to communicate the wishes of both management and guests to the service staff.  The skill in which you handle this task can greatly contribute to more efficient service and greater guest satisfaction.

Job Responsibilities: Your primary task is to ensure that the dining room is properly maintained throughout the evening.  This provides for ease of service and maximizing potential revenue. As a Floor Supervisor, you are required to maintain Zone Management Coverage.  This provides for accountability and helps to ensure that each guest is properly cared for.  Sole focus is to be on table visits and creating a presence on the floor.  Aid in the development and coaching of staff members by being a leader on the floor.  Ensure guest satisfaction and 100% guest retention by constantly monitoring your zone to ensure guest comes back.

Zone Management Responsibilities Include:

  • Table touching
  • Table maintenance
  • Proper sequence of service
  • Coaching servers on continuous suggestive selling
  • Recognizing potential guest concerns and making necessary corrections
  • Smiling and making eye contact
  • Helping with service mechanics
  • Consistent communication with kitchen
  • Establish rapport with all guests

This does not mean just table touching.  Managing your zone means that you are in the heart of it, working and knowing what happens.  If you have to ask a server what they need, you are not working your zone.  Along with your zone, you should cycle through the restaurant, so that you know what is happening in the rest of the building.  Your cycle needs to include the expo line, the bathrooms, the back door, the bar and the host stand.  During these times, you are responsible for knowing the ticket times, music volume, product levels, 86’d items, staff issues.  Notice at this time bar activity, sales, food and beverage quality.

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