Apart from providing advice to hospitality property entrepreneurs that want to open a new business, turn around their failing business, or change their existing business in a major way, Kelley Jones Hospitality offers ongoing management for your hospitality concept. With the collective experience of KJH we can assist with any level of hospitality needs, as well as new concepts to completion.

Starting A New Business

Even for seasoned veterans and hospitality owners, starting a new hospitality concept can be a daunting task. As a consultant we can assist on every level of planning from location to ongoing management. Often business owners want to work with my team to increase their chances of success in such an unsure market. Working with virtually every kind of concept from coast to coast means that you get the experience without having to hire KJH full time onto your staff.


The hospitality industry is a challenging business to be in, even for established concepts. When a running business is purchased or failing, coming to a consultant can force a lot of issues to the surface, where they may have otherwise gone unnoticed. Our ability to identify specific problems at the property and with the staff, then work with owners to correct them, is unparallelled. This can include looking over simple procedures, bookkeeping records, auditing the food and beverage programming or conducting surveys to get an understanding of how the business operates, including focus groups where customers feel improvements may be made.

Major Overhauls

If a concept isn’t working, it might not be anything obvious to owners. Hiring a professional consultant like KJH can be the fresh set of eyes your hospitality business needs to change it for the better. My team can help to reposition your establishment in the market and relaunch it to gain market segment. Changes won’t make any difference to the bottom line if your market doesn’t sit up and take notice. Utilization of my network will help your business changes become noticed ensuring profitability.

Specific Issues Resolution

Whether you have a specific issue you need assistance remedying or a whole-restaurant evaluation, KJH can help. Offering assistance with every aspect of your hospitality business from finances to menu planning, nutritional concerns to sustainability, we can help you keep your restaurant up-to-date and relevant in an ever-changing market. As the needs of customers and your market continues to change, so should your concept to remain fresh and thriving. By evaluating specifically what does and does not work through S.W.O.T. analysis, and implementing necessary changes, a large impact can be made for the business as well as the bottom line.