Regardless of your industry segment in the hospitality market, Kelley Jones Hospitality can provide the training. Whether your location is a restaurant, bar, casino, lounge, hotel, retail shop, entertainment venue or nightclub, we can impact all levels of staffing. Working with senior management down the line through team members, we create customized programs for each individual position of your team to give you the best training for every team member.

Training Materials

You need a detailed description for each position of your staff that outlines and details the position as well as specifically assigned tasks to keep your staff focused and on course. Each position includes written testing for knowledge retention and understanding as well as guidelines for management to hold team members accountable.

Service Training Standards & Manuals

Above informing your guest-facing staff regarding standards, we work directly with your team on all individual operational positions from line employees through management. This comprehensive approach not only trains your team, but helps them through to ongoing productivity and maintaining the highest standards of service and hospitality. By customizing the approach to your specific operational concept and providing training manuals for each team member, future management teams will have a clear understanding of these standards and will be able to enforce these standards as if KJH were present every day.

Human Resources

To continue the management of your business, KJH can provide the human resources necessary to identify, hire and train a permanent management team. This interim position is crucial to holding new staff to the same standards implemented into your concept.

Kitchen Operations Training

With the background in the culinary arts and kitchen operations, our team can provide direct operational expertise. We don’t mind getting our hands dirty, helping with every level of kitchen operations from ordering to sanitation, scheduling to costing. We train your kitchen operations to be self-sufficient, giving them the tools they need to continue with the standards my team puts in place.