Superlative Leadership

There is an old saying that a manager lights a fire under people, but a leader lights a fire in people.
I’ve learned a long time ago that there are three traits of a great leader.

The first is passion.  A great leader has passion for what they do. They have excitement every day they come to work, and that excitement is infectious with their team.

The next is hard work.  A great leader will always work as hard as their teammate, and never ask a team member to do anything that they wouldn’t do, themselves.

Lastly, expertise.  A great leader is a student of their craft, and certainly always understands the challenges that their team goes through.

Always remember that leaders are not rewarded for what they do.  They are rewarded for what their

people do.


  1. Rosa Martinez says

    Well said Kelly. The short time we worked together I can honestly say you were an excellent leader.

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