The Benefits of Strategic Partnerships

My training and consulting company, Kelley Jones Hospitality, has recently partnered with Goodwin Hospitality to add value to each other’s scope of services. Goodwin Hospitality is a leading provider of mystery shop and recruitment services to the hospitality industry. I am often asked to recommend mystery

shop companies to my clients and recommend Goodwin Hospitality to provide those services. Also, I am regularly contacted by companies in need of high-performance executives to fill positions in their companies. Having used Goodwin Hospitality for years, they are the leader in providing the most qualified candidates.

Goodwin Hospitality is often asked by their mystery shop clients if they provide training for the areas of opportunity to improve identified by the mystery shops. Obviously, Goodwin Hospitality cannot directly provide these services, as it would be a conflict of interest. Therefore, they recommend Kelley Jones Hospitality to their clients for all of their training needs. Kelley Jones Hospitality is then provided all of the mystery shops performed by Goodwin and identifies the areas of opportunity to create training to improve the guest experience, creates the training content and then delivers the training workshops to Goodwin’s clients.

Strategic relationships such as this benefit not only our respective clients, but also our ability to grow our network.



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