Management Standards

Managers must become technically competent whether they are training to be or are an accountant, engineer, chemist, restaurant manager, etc.  People with the above skills are ‘a dime a dozen’. What separates a good accountant from a controller, an engineer from an engineering manager, server from a restaurant manager or a cook from a chef are the following:

  1. Managers should be articulate both written and verbally.  It is amazing how many professional people, highly educated cannot write or speak effectively.  One reason is, they don’t read newspapers, weekly magazines, books, etc. about world and local events, nor about their profession or trade.
  2. APPEARANCE: Well groomed, properly dressed for the occasion and business environment.  This could vary from tuxedo to suit or dress to shorts.
  3. ATTITUDE: Proper positive job outlook and a “can do” posture do not determine how it cannot be done, but how it can be done.  You don’t want people explaining all the reasons why a good idea cannot be executed – you need people to tell and help to put an idea into action. CAN DO ATTITUDE.
  4. COMMITMENT:  Staff working 9 – 5 will not normally get ahead.  However, it’s not how many hours you work, but how effective and productive you are.  When the work-load is heavy, you must, within reason, work to get the job done.
  5. Most important are people skills, a sensitivity to other people – superiors, peers and subordinates.  Don’t worry about being popular.  Be fair and all other things will follow, such as popularity, consideration, respect.  The greatest tribute a subordinate can pay you is, “You are fair”.  This means you may sometimes have to be tough and hand out disciplinary actions.  This separates the “Mickey Mouse Boss” from the outstanding superior.

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