Moments of Truth

If you’ve watched Kelley’s YouTube videos, you’ve heard all about “Moments of Truth” (and if you haven’t, click here to watch). Are you wondering what these Moments of Truth are all about? We’ll explain!

Any time someone comes into contact with a person or product within a company or organization, they keep a running scorecard of positive and negative touch points. These interactions are called Moments of Truth and can make or break a business. Moments of Truth are all about how you make someone feel.

Here’s an example:

You call a restaurant to make a reservation and the hostess says, “Thank you for calling ABC Restaurant. Can you hold?” and pushes the HOLD button without waiting for a reply. When she returns she says, “Thanks for holding. How can I help you?”

– OR –

You call a restaurant to make a reservation and the hostess says, “Thank you for calling XYZ Restaurant. Could you hold please?” and waits for your response. When she returns, she says, “Thank you for holding. My name is Anna. How can I help you?”

Which of these restaurants would you want to visit? XYZ Restaurant, of course— but why? The difference in verbiage isn’t much different… but this is one of those Moments of Truth! The simplicity of the hostess waiting for a response, saying please and then introducing herself makes all the difference.

Other simple Moments of Truth include greeting guests right away even if you can’t serve or seat them immediately, setting a table with clean, polished silverware and glassware, ensuring a guest’s menu isn’t ripped or torn, and presenting a guest’s bill to them in a clean check presenter. These things don’t take much time or effort, but to a guest, they make a BIG difference in how they feel about your establishment.

Remember: It takes TEN positive Moments of Truth to make up for ONE negative Moment of Truth.

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