Rival & Decadence

Here’s your chance to get involved in the NEXT BIG THING in the culinary world—Rival! If you’ve ever watched competitive cooking shows on television like Iron Chef, Top Chef, Chopped or MasterChef and wished you could taste the food and be the judge, this is the experience for you. Rival is an interactive culinary extravaganza!

A team of food and entertainment pros has transformed TV cooking competitions into a one-of-a-kind experience—it’s a major twist on fine dining as we know it. Rival brings together two accomplished chefs at a time to create a side-by-side, multi-course tasting menu for guests to savor. Vote for your favorites on our app based on presentation, creativity and taste.

The guest chefs will also adapt to on-the-spot challenges, and our Master of Ceremonies will narrate the competition. The drama will continue to unfold as the clock ticks down to zero.

Your favorite cooking show has been upgraded to a live event, and our Kickstarter project is the way we’re offering early access. Help bring Rival to life and come enjoy the gastronomical experience of a lifetime.

San Francisco is our flagship location. Our kickstarter rewards (tickets to the show) may be used at any Rival location and never expire. Click here to help back Rival and purchase tickets to the show!

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