The Best Marketing is Word of Mouth

Quite often when I am hired to consult an underperforming restaurant or bar, the first thing I do is stop all marketing and

public relations.  I tell my client, why would you spend all this money to get people in your door when you’re not taking care of them once they come in.

It’s so important that the guest experience is superior because not only will it make your guests happy, but then potentially build them in as part of your marketing team by going out

and telling people about how good their experience was.

Today,  with modern technology, people share their feelings via their cellphones, in real time, whether their experience is good or bad. Social media is the new normal for modern day marketing.

In my business, the clients that I work with write testimonials so that potential clients will see what other clients are saying about my business and services. This form of marketing is worth much more than any advertising  that I could pay for to grow my business.

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