The Los Angeles Forum

What an honor to Emcee the LA Forum annual meeting with appearances by Joe Walsh of the Eagles, LA Lakers’ Jeannie Buss, Shelli Azoff and the Mayor and Council members of Englewood, California. All 700 plus managers, supervisors and team members of The Forum also attended the event as we kicked off the 2015 concert season. Joe Walsh and Jeannie Buss truly entertained the crowd telling stories about the Forum’s incredible history. Entering its second year, the newly renovated LA Forum will remarkably feature six of the 30 US dates that U2 will perform in 2015.

I have been absolutely honored to work with all 700 managers, supervisors and team members on their Circle of Service hospitality training for the second year in a row. I also conducted leadership and conflict resolution workshops for the supervisors and managers. What a great group of high-energy and motivated professionals! It is no wonder that The Forum is already back to the luster that it enjoyed during the 70’s and 80’s.

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